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Fighting for the safety of women and children.
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Go to a safe place.

Step-by-step guide for survivors of rape.

Get to safety. Touch 911 to call first responders before doing *anything* & that includes going to the washroom--call 911 -- you don't have to speak to police but you need medical help.
  1. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Calm yourself. Go to a safe place if you are able. Somebody is here for you: WhatsApp or Text (+1)6477399279
  2. Report the crime? Do you want to talk or text to someone? Touch to call: (iPhone) (Android) or Text Us. and we will set up a form of communication that works for you. This number ties you to: Web.WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS.
  3. Get into the care of first responders fast by calling 911. Reporting the crime to police can help you regain a sense of control but you don't have to talk to police if you are not ready or don't want to.
  4. Call RINJ or WhatsApp or text 6477399279. We'll place calls for you: call a friend, family member, or someone near who can be with you now.
  5. Preserve all physical evidence of the sexual assault. Do not shower, bathe, douche, eat, drink, wash your hands, or brush your teeth until you have had a medical examination. Save all clothing you wore at the time of the sexual assault.
  6. Unless police did this, you or a helper should preserve the rape crime scene if you can, placing clothing items in separate paper bags. Don't use plastic bags. Do not disturb anything in the area where the sexual assault occurred.
  7. Get medical care ASAP. Go to a hospital emergency room or a specialized rape clinic providing care for rape survivors. You may believe you have no physical injuries, but you should have a medical examination and discuss the exposure risk to sexually transmitted infections and the possibility of pregnancy resulting from the sexual assault. Having a medical exam can also preserve forensic evidence.
  8. If you suspect that you may have been given a "rape drug," ask the hospital or clinic where you receive medical care to take a urine sample. Drugs, such as Rohypnol & GHB, are more likely to be detected in urine than in blood.
  9. ASAP write down what you can remember about the circumstances of the sexual assault, including a description of the sexualy violent assailant.
  10. After a sexual assault you have a lot of choices & decisions to make - e.g.: about getting medical care, talking to police & telling friends or family. Call the nearest rape crisis center, the RINJ Helpline, or other agencies.
  11. Engage a rape crisis counselor. Counseling helps you learn to cope with emotional & physical impacts of sexual assault.
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Survivors Need Our Continuing Help

In no other crime is the survivor subject to so much scrutiny during an investigation or at trial; nor is the potential for rape survivors to be re-traumatised during these processes as high in any other crime.

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